Random People Theatre Project  

Now is the time to write for Spring 2023.

The next Random People Theatre Project cycle is in the works.
If you, or someone you know, can encourage or discover has a concept for the stage now is the time to make notes, start thinking of structure, and draft an outline.
You might even consider collaboration to help someone write their story.

If you intend to write for the show it is strongly encouraged that you attend
at least one or two writing workshops- beginning in August.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending:




Our annual production was close to performance when the pandemic came in 2020,

 Since then, theatrical productions everywhere have met with the disappointment of sudden cancellation. Rather than risk another surprise shutdown of a laboriously rehearsed show,

we shared safely with on-demand video for 5 weeks after the April performance which was captured before a small audience of family and friends.

This experiment in a new process has been a learning experience.


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The show this year features eight locally written short plays:


"The Dry Weight of Water" Written and directed by Joshua Golden.

A lighthearted science fiction tragedy of failure. Where there was four there is now one.

"Survivors Cave" Written by Shaka Sickels, 

directed by Moss Nipkau. A tale of avarice and time traveling mystery. A cautionary tale reminding us to remember what truly matters.

"Strength of an Indian Woman" Written by Agnes Patak,

directed by Susan Alexander.

An historical monologue of remembrance and reverence. Honoring the forgotten victims of manifest destiny.

"Unusual Saturday Night" Written and directed by Owl Ceraulo.

A romantic comedy where a mystery prompts a confession. And compromise and understanding prevail, even when disaster awaits.


"Power Strip" Writtten and directed by Kate Juliana.

A technological Farce of misunderstanding. discovering comfort in competence and a positive attitude, despite the chaos.

"Rachael" Written by Marilyn Foote, directed by Susan Alexander.

A look at the backstory of the groundbreaking book Silent Spring. A movement born despite the odds.

"Our Promise" Written by Barbara Turner, directed by Carl Hanson.

A couple of childhood friends rekindle their deep connection before it is to late. Sharing Love with the their memories and wealth of experience.

"The Rythm of the Rain" Written by Marcia Mendels,  Directed by Marilyn Foote, with Jenny Edwards.

Raucously examining a complex relationship with Mother Nature. Cabin fever can't keep her down forever, can it? 

The Actors