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The Project is a collaborative ensemble of experienced and novice writers, actors and directors that have produced community generated theatre since 2006 in Southern Humboldt County, California.


Collaborating community members are invited to get involved in a start-to-finish theatrical production, beginning in the Summer months with script writing workshops, where all interested community members are encouraged to write and submit short scripts.

In the Fall, scripts are selected by committee for production, directors are assigned. Auditions and casting take place. During the Winter months rehearsals and group run-thrus happen, and in the Spring a production is performed live for the community, with the creative technical support of sound light & scenic engineering.

We encourage anyone to get involved, regardless of experience, our goal is to discover, encourage & nurture the writing, acting and directing talents of Southern Humboldt community members, and from these talents, & our growing experience, mount a professional quality production, while creating a unifying and empowering experience for all participants, including our audience, as we share our stories and talents.

Join us next year!

The original producers of the project Jenny Edwards & Susan Alexander

brought together veteran and novice writers and actors to portray personal monolougues.

The project quickly expanded to include dialogues, and ensemble pieces,

and has become a key component of our local theatre tradition.

Past Producers include Anna Rogers, Marilyn Foote, Tanya Gaines & Edward Clark

The current production team:

Joshua Golden & Emily Totten

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