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Auditions will be an informal reading of "sides" short script extracts selected by directors that exemplify the characters they are looking for. It is a low pressure inclusive environment, and the opportunity to read for various parts will be availble. Casting for multiple roles often happens.


Following casting an "All Company" meeting will be held to discuss the particulars of project:

Rehearsals will then be scheduled by directors with consideration for their actors schedules,

rehearsal space availability, and preferences.

Rehearsals are held for each of the 8 separate scripts independently

usually scheduled for two times a week for about an hour and a half-

depending on the demands of the roles.

As the acts develop there will be several "run-thrus" to see encourage progress,

get a sense of the needs of each production, and share our developing work with each other.


Then production week, commonly known in the trade as "HELL WEEK"- 

as it demands a full commitment to the show for the sometimes tedious week of evening technical

run-thrus & dress rehearsals to hone the various details of lighting, sound design and crew cordination.

Our efforts then coalesce into the final production over three days of shows for the community


Redwood Playhouse Schedule

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