Following casting ( January 5th, 2019 ) an "All Company" meeting will be scheduled.

Rehearsals will then be scheduled by directors with consideration of their actors schedule,

rehearsal space availability, and preferences in mind.

The rehearsals are conducted for each seperate script seperately-

usually scheduled for two times a week for about an hour and a half-

depending on the demands of the roles. Often Actors elect to fill more than one role.

As the acts develop there will be all - cast "run throughs"  in February & March, to build a greater sense of continuity and share our work with each other. Then during Production week, commonly known as "HELL WEEK"-  as it demands a full commitment to the show for an often tedious week of afternoon/evening technical run-throughs & dress rehearsals- Our efforts will coalesce into the finished production - March 22- 24


Redwood Playhouse Schedule