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Auditions will be an informal reading of "sides" short script extracts selected by directors that exemplify the characters they are looking for. It is a low pressure inclusive environment, and the opportunity to read for various parts will be availble. Casting for multiple roles often happens.


Following casting Saturday January 15th 2-5:pm

an "All Company" meeting will be held

on Sunday January 22nd @ 3:pm

Rehearsals will then be scheduled by directors with consideration of their actors schedules,

rehearsal space availability, and preferences in mind.

The rehearsals are conducted for each of the 7 separate scripts independently

usually scheduled for two times a week for about an hour and a half-

depending on the demands of the roles.

As the acts develop there will be "run-thrus"  in February & March, to build a greater sense of continuity and share our developing work with each other.


Then followed by Production week, 3/25/23 - 3/30/23 commonly known in the trade as

"HELL WEEK"-  as it demands a full commitment to the show for a sometimes tedious week of afternoon/evening technical run-thrus & dress rehearsals- Our efforts then coalesce into the finished


production: March 31- April 1 & 2


Redwood Playhouse Schedule

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