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Improv - Expand Yourself Through Laughter

The Garberville Project theme for this year sounds fantastic! Improv can help get the creative juices flowing for your next script or character. Here are the details for the upcoming class.

DETAILS: Come join this workshop that meets every Wednesday night from 7pm-9pm at the Redwood Playhouse from June 22nd - July 27th. Rejuvenate your spirit through experiential play and laughter! In this positive workshop, participants will be guided through simple improv exercises aimed at personal expansion. Sherry Glaser, an award-winning actress and playwright who has led many workshops throughout her career (see, will help lay the groundwork in the first class on June 22nd. Sherry then plans to return for at least one more session towards the end of the 6-week course. Kerry Reynolds played and led improv games throughout her college years and also studied a form of improv for social change called 'Theater of the Oppressed' in graduate school. Most recently, Kerry attended a weeklong improv workshop this Spring at Esalen Institute. With the blessing of her Esalen teachers, Dixie Cox and Clifford Henderson (see, Kerry is pilfering their treasure trove of improv games to share with you! One of the most compelling set of improv games explores status: the human pecking order. Participants will familiarize themselves with the subtle clues they send and receive defining their status, and have a chance to try new body language and status choices. We strongly encourage participants to attend all six classes, but we also know that's not always possible. So feel free to drop in on any of the 6 classes, but do try to communicate with Kerry beforehand so she can help ensure that you have a positive experience and don't feel lost or out of the loop. To register, contact Kerry at (707) 223-2008 or and note what classes you plan to attend. The class is $50 for six weeks or $10 per class. Participants should be at least 15-years-old. No spectators please. While occassionally a participant may choose to sit out of an exercise if they don't feel up to it, everyone is expected to come with a willingness to give it a try. Come play with us!

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