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Collecting ideas

We had a meeting about the project last week, and are collecting ideas about what people want to contribute.

How about you? Here is an exercise: In your experience, what business have been where in town- the musical chairs of local business make the street change year to year, and no one really keeps track of these changes, is this lost history?

For example how many remember this sequence: The Shell Gas station in town, before it was remodeled into a mini mart, had garage bays that were no longer used for auto work- an enterprising woman, latching on to the coming craze for good coffee (think Starbucks) rented out the garage and started making coffee drinks- as The Java Joint. Her low budget entrepreneurial enterprise was a success and she transitioned into the corner space of the newly remodeled Jacob Garber Square- The former Thoresen's variety store, the business grew, and the opportunity to rent the larger space 2 doors down, part of the former NAPA location following a couple of new owner iterations of this popular business, we now have Flavors cafe.

What do you recall?

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