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Project postponed till next year

Regretfully, the next production the RANDOM PEOPLE THEATRE PROJECT has been postponed until next year.

In part, we did not not receive enough writing to flesh out the show we had imagined, and the clock was ticking for our usual production schedule. Rather than push production into the busy warming season we have determined the best thing is to move on and write, write, write- through the Summer and come back stronger and better next year. Thanks to everyone that submitted scripts or ideas.

We do intend to continue the project, falling back to open submissions of scripts- with the main caveat being; to maintain a flow and continuity to the final production, limited set and scenery changes. We will be getting together next year and you will be able to resubmit scripts, re-work and change them or do something new. We encourage all writers to sharpen their wits and begin to write your outlines and drafts now, so that when we come together to hone our scripts, everyone has something to share and discuss.

We will announce future gatherings, opportunities, and guidelines as they develop in the coming months, and thank every one for their continued support.

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