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Writing Workshops begin!

First comes the writing: The show consists of multiple short scenes- 5-15 minutes in length, usually created by a number of different writers- In past shows we have introduced a theme at the beginning of the process as a tool to tie the show together, and simplify set changes. This year, as the script writing develops, we are open to the ideas and suggestions of the writers for a way to link scenarios, or ease transitions on stage between what will hopefully be a diverse selection of themes.

Guidelines: The the set will be relatively fixed- A background that will be a stylized depiction of our community to play against, or be ignored as necessary. Plan on taking advantage of the use of sound and light as part of your script to set the scene beyond the physical limitations of the set. Stage props used will be limited to those that can easily be moved, placed, and removed- quickly, preferably by one person.

Writing workshops, for the Spring 2018 show:

from 4-6pm. At the Heart of the Redwoods Hospice meeting room 464 Maple lane in Garberville.

During the course of workshops, we will discuss ideas, character & dialog. Read through participants draft manuscripts, and perform exercises to learn details of creating a dynamic and engaging script for performance

We encourage writers to bring notes, outlines, drafts, and completed work to share for critique and comment, to learn from others experience. Ideally a core group of dedicated writers will develop to help craft the final show into a cohesive whole.

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